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Cross-cultural Communication
Although cultural relationships in northern Europe have many similarities, there are some areas where differences are important. Germany and England are typical in this respect. Being aware of these differences can lead to better impressions, communication and relationships.
This training aims to highlight these principles. It seeks to clarify them and put them in a context of practise for business and the everyday.
The training enables the participants to:
  • Compare the cultural background of both countries
  • Deal with greetings, impressions and informal contact
  • Handle formal and informal communication situations
  • Understand the stereo-types for both countries
  • Manage different uses of language
  • Respond to the indirect style of English communication
  • Contrast assertiveness and “Durchsetzungsvermögen”
  • Adapt to English management style
  • Value the person not the title

  • Social and historical differences between Germany and England
  • Meeting people – formally/informally
  • Behaviour styles
  • ‘Sie/Du and You’
  • formal and informal behaviour
  • attitude
  • assertiveness
  • Expressing oneself with body language and tone
  • Stereotyping
  • Language use
  • active/passive differences
  • must/should
  • want/would like
  • commands and suggestions
  • müssen/dürfen
  • Dealing with conflict situations
  • Management styles
  • Titles